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ABF Turbo upgrade vrs AGU ... discussion thread.

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Old saying.. no substitute for displacement   ;D  ;D, but does anyone have any opinions on which is the better build???  :-\

ABF, 16v high compression... replace conrods and pistons to lower compression... add turbo... head geared toward NA (More lift and duration)


AGU 20v, head  more geared to turbo power output...low lift, shorter duration, better flowed

Either way, will be plumbing in Craig Davis Elec water pump, (therefore post 2000 AGU required I understand).. both have forged Cranks, some AGU have forged rods / pistons but mass produced quality..not good for high output engines..

This will be a race car engine, so will be driven hard.

Thoughts.. discussions and knowledge sharing would be greatly appreciated..


If you're building the complete engine for racing and using after market engine parts and after market ECU it probably doesn't matter too much. They'll both make plenty of power with a healthy dose of boost.

If you're looking to use more of the factory stuff the 1.8T with the later wideband ME7.x ECU is pretty tuneable compared to everything before it. You can build a 1.8T to 2.0L using a later TFSI crank and stroker rods/pistons - so the displacement will be the same.

Swapping in a TFSI 2L 16v might also be a solution. They're pretty stout out of the box and make good power with just simple bolt ons.

AGU unless built is still only 350HP stock limit.
I've seen the ABF we decompression plate get a comfortable 265-290hp. with more torque than AGU.

there is a guy in the UK that is or was selling his turbo setup only a couple months ago.

For a race car in a golf chassis I wouldn’t go down the Turbo route. The chassis can’t handle it IMO. A good normal aspirated ABF or KR race spec motor will be ample and relatively reliable.

80 Vert:
Our ex big turbo track car made 250 kw at the wheels, handled that just fine and was a blast to drive.


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