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Sequential Tail Lights - VLAND or Supernova


Has anyone had experience with either tail lights for the Euro OEM look?

Have read online about issues with fitment etc and Supernova has some good reviews but I would assume they're manufactured in china and rebranded anyway?

I Know that this is a months old, But I will comment on this as i owned Supernova before, and now have OEM Golf R lights on the car.

Go with the Supernova, the 'RED' version.

Only reason why i am running OEMs are because I had 'midnight red', and i didn't like the look of the almost-black-red look on a white car.

Supernova has been out of stock for a long time. I have asked them a few times for an ETA with no response.
I can't comment on the quality of either.


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