Christchurch, where to go?


Hey, new here.

Just looking for recommendations for a performance/tuning shop in Christchurch to get the most from a Golf R. I see Harman Motors say they do work on euros.

Would much prefer to purchase one here (Chch) and build it here, but could also purchase one in Auckland and get it built there.

Assume money isnít an issue, wanting 400+hp (more would be desirable), and Iím under the impression this can be done on stock internals? Also will be a daily.

Thanks in advance for checking out me post.

Hi there and welcome to the forum

I'd recommend Elite Motorsport. Have had multiple cars tuned through them and smiles every time at the results

Elite Motorsport
Arno - 021321570


Hey mate.

I run a small shop in Sydenham specializing in exactly what youíre after.
To achieve 400hp or near enough youíre looking at a minimum intake, exhaust, intercooler upgrade and ECU and TCU tuning. You could easily go down the road of hybrid turbocharger and extra fueling upgrades for that 500hp addiction.

Brett has already put my number above if you wanted to stop in for a chat (when itís safe to do so anyway)


Oh awesome, cheers for the replies.

@ERRRNO will def be in touch. You guys can take care of all that? Sourcing and fitment of parts? Probably look to just go stage 2 for now.

But yeah, will be in contact when I settle on a vehicle.


Yup absolutely, I have some stock inbound already.


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