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Hi all, Overhauled my mk6 after piston broke, had someone to help with the heavy stuff but in lockdown he was not available of course, so did it by myself. Problem is, I am not really up to this physically (too old) and I dropped the engine why refitting it  on the turbo side when the engine crane overbalanced and I could not hold it. Now, the Aliminium Turbo housing has a bit missing on the air outlet! does anyone have a turbo they have replaced for other reasons for me please? I saw a good turbo for $150 on trademe but I missed it. Been thinking of selling like it is otherwise.

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I should have an outlet housing.

Thanks for responding, how much? how can i get your contact detials? you can email me on if you would rather not put any details on here.

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Messaged you


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