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Green Digital Dash Board


Hi all, my first post on VASK. Does any one have an old green digital dash board that has failed for sale. My rev counter module has failed so hoping to find parts to repair this.

If it's potentially repairable rather than needing a part from another dash, have you spoken to Neill Bryce in Wellington?
He has repaired several green digi dashes including mine, he's awesome.

There's one for sale fully working on "ur quattro restoration" group on Facebook but for GBP 1200 - ouch!!

Thanks for Neill's contact and the note on the dash in the UK. I had already passed Neill's details on to Elite Auto Electronics who have done the work so far but not sure if they have made contact. Luckily for me the parts of the display that are needed for a warrant all work well and I can drive it.  By the way thank you for doing your blog it was great and I still go back to various posts when working on various part of the car.

No probs, hope you get it sorted.

A lot of teh images have dropped off the VASK thread as they're on Facebook, who seem to change the locations of them periodically.

It's all here:

If you're on Facebook.


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