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Hey guys, thought I would ask here as I might actually get a real anwer. The FB page just attracts trolls for stuff like this.
Looking at a MK7 GTI
Have agreed a price and have included a 3 year Autosure Extreme Plus policy in the deal
Fresh import from Japan
It has been stuck, in a storage yard, waiting for compliance. I managed to get access to the vehicle at the compliance storage yard. So I have essentialy seen the car before the dealer/importer has seen it.
From the outside looks in excellent condition
100k on the clock
4 new Michelin PS4 tyres
Hardly a mark on it, both inside and out
Looks like almost new brake disks and pads

Then I opened the bonnet and would like to ask if any of these would be an immediate walk away situation.  :o

1. Firstly and most importantly. Coolant level is super low. There is only a tiny bit visible at the bottom of the expansion container
I know these cars are prone to leaking from the thermostat housing
The dealer has assured me that if there is any leak in the system it will be recified prior to me taking the car. But is that enough?

2. Oil on the top of the heat shield at the back of the engine. Not even sure where that would come from.

3. Last but not least. This surface corrosion on the alternator and some oil on this bit above. I only noticed that oil when I looked at this pic later. I think that is the oil cap though, so probably just some spillage.

not sure on the oil observations, but the 7/7.5 GTI did have a coolant leak issue caused by either the waterpump or main radiator, which used plastic connectors and leaked over time.  My 7.5 GTI in SA suffered from the same issue after 25k km, and had the radiator replaced under warranty which solved the problem.

80 Vert:
Probably water pump as suggested, pretty common on the CHH engine.

Waterpump will 100% fail on every mqb. Good on them for advising you that it will be rectified and if it is make sure they provide you with receipts and proof. Autosure will decline pre-exisitng mechanical faults. Mine had its waterpump replaced and radiator at 115k in 2019, a coolant flange also failed just before new zealand went into lockdown in August.

Looks like waterpump is in order. Everything pressure tested and vehicle fully checked out. Only fault found was a small of oil sweat from the cam chain cover.

Have bought the car. So let's hope the water pump has been replaced in the past or if it goes, it happens in the next 3 years.


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