Golf 1.4 TSI Bluemotion 2016 how to identify the engine and find manual


Hi All.
First time here. Purchased a Jap import Golf Wagon 2016 a few months ago and its due for a service.
Appears there seems to be a few versions of the engine. Trying to identify the engine and having trouble. I found the bar code on the plastic cam cover but cant seem to find anything relating to those numbers.
Found plenty of videos on oil change procedures online but they all seem to be slightly different models.
So trying to find a manual with the exact info and service intervals. Just done 80k. Some say DSG needs changing some not. Not sure if its the dry or wet clutch version either.
Any advice appreciated.

See if you can find a sticker in the spare wheel well. It should have some information. if your car came with a manual, then it will also be in there
If it is not under the spare tyre, it can be stuck to the underside of the cover or under some of the plastic trim
That will give you both your engine and trans information. Else you can call your local VW dealer with the VIN

u can get the engine code from the vin and the internet.
the sticker on the cam cover if there will have the engine 3 letter code amongst the other crap on it.


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