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PCV delete kit ?


Saw a kit doe sale  on Trademe, does this solve carbon fouling issue on intake side of valve train does anyone know ? Claims to retain”‘factory emission standards”

stay away from PCV delete kits, typically causes more issues long-term than it fixes.

After years of looking thru every kit possibly offered, there is only one kit that works. Which does front and rear PCV from the engine. Then you end up with the oil vapor smell forevermore.
Run stock genuine OEM PCV kits and you'll be fine.

Thanks, I had PCV replaced last year under warranty after engine fault code (leaking air) but I saw this delete kit on Trademe and was curious, car is due for carbon clean now at 117,000kms so will probably just have this done (walnut blast), might buy a volvo T6 (no GDI) or a Lexus or something as GDI is a dumb system in many ways.


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