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Mk3 Subframes into Mk2


Hi all,

After a long hiatus from Mk2s (12 years!) I'm now back in one, a Mk2 Jetta. My knowledge is very rusty and I've been searching up and down.

I need to freshen up a few of the bushes so I figured a Mk3 subframe swap would be good to do while I'm at it. The car runs an ABF engine and still has 4 bolt hubs, I would prefer to retain the 4 bolt as I have many 4x100 wheels in my shed for my MX5 which also suit the Jetta. Does the 4 stud Mk3 stuff have a wider track like the VR6 setup? Or would I just be wasting my time?


80 Vert:
CL and GLI don't, anything 4 bolt is narrow track.
The front subframe however has extra tabs behind the swaybar that most people just cut off but I prefer to add threaded holes to the chassis of the mk2 so that it all bolts up as it should.

4 stud MK3 stuff is still 'wide track' upfront, you get +21mm as opposed to +22/24 on the 5 stud stuff.
The rear beam is the more confusing part. They're all pretty similar (mm's of difference) so that's hardly worth it.

Thanks guys - Good to know I can hunt at Pick A Part for what I need, seems the 4x100 Polo GTI's are also a viable option.


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