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Porsche 356 Outlaw?

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Was in Hawkes Bay this wekeend, and saw a 356 'Outlaw'....wasn't even aware there was such a thing!

Was quite taken with it actually, and am wondering if anyone here knows anything of this car? Metallic Grey, with stripes in the 3 colours of the German flag, lenthwise down the middle of the car? Unfortunately didn't get the rego. :-[

80 Vert:
There's a really amazing story behind that car.


The site makes for quite some reading. Not just their site, but on others that refer to them.


--- Quote from: 80 Vert on February 20, 2022, 09:53:53 pm ---There's a really amazing story behind that car.

--- End quote ---

Cheers Vert....are you able to share any of it, please?

80 Vert:
The car was involved in a crash and rolled over severely damaging the body and roof, roof collapsed inwards in the roll over.
Everyone that looked at it said forget it, just get another one (as if that's easy lol)
But not a highly skilled panel beater friend of mine, he stripped the body to bare metal and set about repairing the body.
He repaired the body over the course of a year, nothing replaced just good old school metal work to get things back to where they were.
Just amazing to see the transformation, I used to see it every time I was in his shop slowly but surely coming back to life.
The owner at that point wanted to do the outlaw and wanted widened fenders so they ended up sectioning the fenders by welding in a pie
shaped piece of sheet metal, the body now no longer tapers at the front or rear, you'd only really notice if it were sitting next to an original.
Much better look than just flaring the wheel arches in my opinion, most would never know.
They painted it in the silver with the German flag stripes and reassembled the whole thing saving another rare 356.


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