Author Topic: steering angle sensor light on after fitting mk5 gti MFSW steering wheel into GT  (Read 1433 times)

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Hi everyone, new here, first post and I only know the basics :)

I have an auto 2004 mk5 GT 2.0 FSI with midline cluster

Been looking to fit a MFSW mk5 GTI steering wheel for some time, I got the parts I thought were needed listed after heaps of research

Mk5 GTI steering wheel with DSG paddles/ airbag loom &
 slip ring 1K0959653c
Controller module 1K0953549G
Steering angle sensor 1K0959654 (not sure if needed)
So I took the wheel to be fitted by a VW/Audi specialist, with the intention of them coding the MFSW buttons to work with my RCD330 head unit, they said it would be fine and quoted me no more than 2 hours for the work, I got a call to say the MFSW buttons were working but they couldn't get the paddles to work with my tiptronic, (I've seen the paddles coded before on other forums but I wasn't too fussed) I was more concerned for the buttons to work, They also said on the phone while the engine was running my coolant reservoir bottle randomly exploded and that the MFSW are working BUT they were getting a code for the steering angle sensor that they couldn't clear it and that it wouldn't pass a wof, so they installed the old parts apart from steering wheel for it to throw no codes and tried to charge me a heap.

Anyway I paid up after talking with them for a good while, got on my car and drove off, half way to work to realise the horn wasn't working, so can't get a bloody wof now anyway, this is what raised my eyebrows, like how would you not check the horn after worrying about a wof?! I couldn't go back as I had to work.

They didn't really offer much of an explanation or seem to know the problem either, after all I took it to the specialists to be done properly, not for just the wheel to be fitted,

Now is this just a bad experience on my behalf or is this a common problem install?

 Can a resevoir tank explode randomly?
Is it normal for the steering angle sensor to come on after the install?
Is it possible for MFSW buttons to work with the parts I have ?

Should I even take my car back there? :)



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Not sure about the exploding reservoir.
However, it is normal for the steering wheel sensor icon to come in on the dash after changing the wheel. There is a procedure you do involving VCDS and driving the car. It took me a few tries before it worked when I changed my steering wheel to a MFSW. Has your power steering stopped working too?
As for the horn, not sure either.
If you already had the RCD330 installed do you have an upgrade CanBus gateway or one of the newer inline wiring looms installed to prevent battery drain?
I certainly wouldnít go back there wherever it was.
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Hi mate, yep power steering is working, and yep got the mfsw quadlock adapter for the battery drain,
Still donít have a horn though, which makes me wonder if the airbag is working

Iím in Queenstown and they were the only place claiming to have VCDS to code

Have spoke to our diesel mechanic at work and Iím hoping his buddy with mk5 Gti and VCDS can fix for me as like ya said certainly donít wanna go back there,

Is the procedure the same as a calibration for the sensor?


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Ahh, if you can use your workmateís friendís VCDS that would be the way to go.
Google how to do steering calibration with vagcom/VCDS and you should find what youíre looking for.