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Mk2 Golf keeping it original?!

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Hey guys, I have an Ď89 mk2 golf CLI with RV engine. I love the car but visually itís not as beautiful as a big bumper GTI and I was curious as to whether it was worth it to start modding it to make it the way I want. The car is all original besides the speakers and stereo, but I still have the stereo put away if anyone wanted to replace it. Itís in pretty good condition but I was curious as to whether people would care if a CLI was modded or not and whether itíd keep its value if I did change visual aspects of it.

What are your opinions? Do I keep the car all original?

Pretty hard to crystal ball any value increase or drop. But its your car so do what you want. If you're only doing the outside for looks, then I would say go all the way, no half measures. No one can see under the bonnet when you're cruising.

If you have been thinking about modifying and as you saying making it your own, I say do it. You may preserve it for the next 5-10 years only for its next owner to slam it into the ground on cheap coilovers and replica rims with stretched tyres. You'll also look at it over the next 5-10 years everyday thinking about ideas on how to make it yours but the fact you want to preserve it would eat you up inside.

80 Vert:
I don't think a CLI will ever have a massive value so I say modify away and make it your own.
Even if it were a GTI it wouldn't stop me cutting it up, wait I did that already.

damnin send it bro.

They are a way better car modified.


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