2008 Golf 1.4 TSI


Chris S:
Hi all,

I have a 2008 golf TSI 1.4 which is a great little car. The factory stereo was draining the battery so the auto electrician who diagnosed this disconnected it and I bought another factory stereo off trade me. I installed this new stereo but it was live the whole time even when the ignition was off. I was unplugging one of the plugs on the harness when the yellow and black wires came out of the socket and arced together. This blew a 15amp fuse under the bonnet. Now the car wont start and the P is flashing on the gearbox when the ignition is on. Can anyone help me out as to what Ive done. Nervous as..

The Red Warrior:
Not helping as such, but if its a 2008 then it should be in the Mk5 section.

The Red Warrior:
Actually, a little help. The stereo should be live the whole time. Did you replace the blown fuse with a new one?


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