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Throttle Position Sensor Wiring (Code P2122)


Hi all,

Apologies if this has been discussed previously but I could not find anything when searching.

I have been having intermittent issues with a Mk6 GTI I have just bought, CEL, EPC and code P2122.

I have yet to have its scanned by a VCDS but that was the OBDII code. I looked into the possibility of it being the Pedal assembly itself, with most reports stating to look at the wiring first. I have found a VW technical bulletin relating to the wiring harness that connects the system failing, or wearing out. I believe this will be the issue, I have yet to look at the wires themselves for any obvious visual wear, I will try get to this tomorrow.

I was wanting to attempt this repair myself, as they sell a kit that you splice in etc and with the guides I found online it would be possible, but I just donít have the time.

Can anyone in Auckland recommend a mechanic/auto electrician who would be knowledgeable in these sorts of issues, and has anyone had it before, and how did you sort it out, whilst it could be something else, from the codes and my research it seems the most likely problem with the P2122 code.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.


you could try milford auto electrical.

They should be able to assist.

the phantom:
+1 on Milford Autosparkies, I wouldn't go anywhere else


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