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Hi all,

First time poster, be gentle.

Am a general fan of VAG but for the first time have an eye on an Audi. It's a 2014 RSQ3 done just a shade over 110kms.

I've heard there are issues with the 7DSG, is that something that should make me nervous?

Any advice?


Hi Riro,

the DQ500 gearbox in the RSQ3 is one of the stoutest DSG gearboxes available on the market. As far as reliability is concerned, they certainly don't have many if any issues.

That's good to know. I've previously had a tricky time with the 7DSG in a Skoda Fabia vRS.

Are there any key bits of maintenance or faults I should be particularly alive to?

le mans:
No specific help here but given the general prevalence of potential nightmare maintenance scenarios a mechanical warranty would give you some peace of mind.

Well. ConsumerNZ would disagree with you. However, it actually comes with the balance of an Autosure policy. So some cover.


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