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Do I need to do any coding after installing sport springs?


Do I need to do any coding after installing sport springs?

I'll be installing new Eibach springs in the next few days. My car is a 2016 Passat rline with DCC and I think xenon lights.

mark2 golf:
i dont think any coding. If it has front camera for lane keep and emergency braking that technically should be recalibrated.

No Coding, but you need to calibrate the DCC.
This is the procedure for OBDEleven, but VCDS should be similar

*Make sure to jack your car up or lift it so that all of the wheels are sagging fully off of the ground*

Enter Control Module 14- Adaptive Suspension
Go to Adaptations
Select “Adapting with deflected wheels”
Take note of the values, as they should change later.
Hold the Green button to the right to write
Enter security code 20103. It should say success.
Don’t change any values, instead back out
Enter Basic Settings
Select “Adapting with deflected wheels”
Slide to Start. It should run for a second and then say something like basic setting ended.
That’s it, you’re done. Double check adaptations to make sure the values have changed and saved.

Thanks for the replies. So all I need to do is calibrate the DCC. That's good


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