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While in Rotorua for work I bumped into Greg's old B7 DTM on FB.  Long story short and after a bit of negotiation its now parked outside my accom.  It's clear Audidude looked after it during his tenure but that was nearly 10 years ago now and it's looking a bit rough around the edges.  Would be great if I could fill in the gap with whomever bought it from Ebbetts back in 2013 or so until a couple of years ago.
Still a lovely car to drive, previous owner has done suspension bushes and brakes but cosmetically its not up there now.  Looks like it has been stored under a cover that has sweated so bonnet paint is destroyed.  Other than the obligatory B6/B7 headliner and glovebox issues its all there bar a couple of bits and pieces.  Well happy with the purchase.
Looking forward to bringing it back...

there is no cure for your addiction  8)

 Nice one!

Cool car. Whats the plans for it?

Hey Nic,
Plan is to bring it back to pristine or at least acceptable. Did (had done for me for the first time ever) cambelt etc, fluids and filers including brake fluid change last week and removed the towbar Greg had to put on to tow the Integra. 
Next up is headliner, re-paint bonnet and a complete clean inside.  Its fairly disgusting to the extent that interior looks like full black leather when should be grey alcantara inserts.
Other than that, just drive it. It's quiet and tight, lots of new stuff underneath.


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