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Air Con Issue


Hi I have a 2007 GTI and recently the Climate control has developed a fault
It starts and runs perfectly both hot and cold. However after about 40 minutes the air out of the vents slows, even though the fan sounds like itís running at the same speed. I can increase the fan speed up to maximum and I can hear the fan speed up but the output doesnít. The air is cold or hot depending on selection but there isnít a lot of it. Iíve tried the Flap reset and the self test and nothing shows up (I donít know if it is a reliable test) Can any one shed any light on what this might be. Thanx

If you have to two-motor recirc version, one of the flap motors is stuck (will usually log a code) and when it tries to adjust the recirc amount, one of the flaps doesn't open.

Try turning the recirc on and off and see if it make a difference.

If it's REALLY a 2007 (by VIN, not rego), I'd have thought it would have the single motor version, in which case the mechanism may have failed.

If you take out the glovebox, you can see the flaps/mech.

Thanks Iíll have a look


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