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Coupe Quattro for auction

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Webbs upcoming (14th August 2022) auction has n '87 Coupe Quattro listed...estimating $45 - 50K  !!!  One owner for 32 years, 233,000 Kms.   Will be interesting to see how close to this estimate it fetches but if anywhere near it will set a new benchmark for these cars!


+15% buyers premium

Crazy !

Back in 2003 I was offered one of these in the UK 1500.
Same colour.

I think someone at Webb's needs to understand the difference between a Coupe quattro (which is what they're selling) and an Ur-quattro - which is what most of the blurb (and the optimistic pricing) refers to. You only need to look at the recent TradeMe listings for other restored 80's/90's VAG cars that have appeared (Golf GTI, Scirocco, Corrado) to see they're not selling for that kind of money.


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