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How tight are people finding the GST net on imported parts at the moment.
I'm expecting some stuff shortly and wondered what my chances are of it slipping through unnoticed

Had to pay $280 GST on some clothes my wife bought which totalled $1050 in value.
Apparently they're much more keen if value is over $1k

Not what I wanted to hear, but we shall see

I've had valuable car parts sail through a couple of times, you might be lucky!
Maybe they just pick on luxury goods, like $1000 rain jackets.

I've recently had low value items (under $500) from sale through.

If you buy from a large seller like Ebay, Amazon, Discogs et al they have all fallen into line and automatically add NZ GST  :(

The thresholds for grabbing GST have changed but it's still a crapshoot as to whether you get pinged or not.


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