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1987 Ur fuel pump

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Hi guys,
As I don't drive my ur nearly as much as I should/want to, the fuel pump has seized up.
I've been searching for a replacement, but haven't been able to find one with the original screw in terminals. They all seem to have threaded posts to receive an eyelet terminal.
Has anyone here had any luck sourcing an OEM fuel pump?

I had the same problem caused for the same reason. Couldn't find an OEM pump so just got a generic pump off Autodoc  UK. I settled on a Johns Autotelle 6.5 bar @ 120 LPM the highest pressure I could find. The  pump body was slightly longer and required a minor hacksaw and file mod on the mounting bracket. Alas none of the pumps I looked at had the correct terminals so I gave up and altered to eyelets. Shame. Nevertheless the pump works fine.
Incidentally Johns Autotelle turned out to be the name  of the German company owning Autodoc.

Glen, is this what you are after?

Thanks for the links guys,
Yeah it looks like I will have to get one without the OEM screw-in terminals.
There are plenty of options in this case.
Hopefully have it all sorted soon, been too long since I last had her out.

I found this Magneti Marelli one from a UK supplier.
Has the correct screw-down terminals.
6 bar 120LPM
Ordered a bunch of gear from Classic quattro's too. Giving the ur a bit of TLC.


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