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190KM NZ New United Grey Mk5 R32 Revival - "DUB V6"

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I know this may seem a bit odd being a Mk5 but let’s take a minute to realise the early Mk5’s are over 15 years old now!

I picked this little gem up in March from the dark and gloomy corners of “Walkworth Buy Sell Facebook Group” It even came with a captain obvious personalised plate. NZ New Mk5 R32 one of only 23 remaining In LA7T United Grey Metallic. It was later revealed the car was actually even further north in Leigh! It was filthy inside and out and it had done 192kms, but no dents and minimal scratches and stone chips. It had FSH and was with Continental VW until 2016. This chap had had it just over a year but the previous owner to him had it for 8 years. I could tell this was a tidy car with his 1 year of his filth on it.

A deal was done and now to start bringing it back up to scratch!

Stopped in to see Nana who was on the 1hr20min route home "How is this one different from your other VW" she said.

First port of call, 1 minute and 35 seconds after arriving home was the exhaust tips. Cant stand dirty exhaust tips!


le mans:
Good score Mitch!

Good score Mitch, definitely the 2nd best R32 colour  :laugh:


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