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Importing a VW Citi

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Hi all,

I'm currently playing with the idea of importing a VW Citi from South Africa. My biggest concern is not being able to pass compliance standards in NZ.  :-\

Has anyone imported their own Citi/MK1 Golf to NZ that can shed some light?

It would need to be at least 20(?)+ years old to meet the rules.

I have a 1992 Citi golf CTi model that I may be selling in the near future if it is of interest to you

Thanks Alfashark, I've reached out to some import/export companies to get a better idea as well.
Mole - I was looking for a model from 2000 onwards but I might be interested depending on difficulties with importing.
The CTi was the 1.8L fuel injection model right? Did you have any pics?

I am struggling to attach photos, it keep saying my file format is wrong but itís a jpeg and according to the message I am getting jpeg should work. If you want photos message me your email and I will send some


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