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03 RS6 Avant - Coilovers or reg Shock and lowered springs


Greetings all have recently acquired a black c5 avant RS6, and has a fair bit of work to be done to get back on the road. One of which is the Suspension.
I've got a leak right front hose to the shock. So just thinking to rip it out and either Coilovers or lowered springs and regular shocks.... I'm guessing the overall consensus is KW V3's, which is great.
But just wanted to get a view on set up such as H&R lowered springs on non-adjustable (reg) good quality shocks?
I don't plan to take it to a track nor move the ride height up and down either. So would it be worth the added expense to go Coilovers?

I also need a replacement Air bag module, are the interchangeable across the C5 range, or explicitly vehicle specific, as was looking at pulling one out of a 03 Sedan 3.0 if it would work.

Wish me luck 🤦🏼‍♂️

....Might I also ask for a recommendation of who to talk to re purchasing a Coilover kit / spring-shock setup. Or anyone on VASK has some for sale.... thanks again.


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