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Low pressure fuel sender assembly unplugged, car no go when plugged in???


Hi there Team, another one.
have recently acquired a beautiful 03 RS6 Avant. But alas has several issues that need to be sorted before being driveable. Most a pretty typical - but this is new to me at least.
so, the previous owner has had the ‘low pressure fuel sender’ unplugged which I turn stops the fuel gauge & mileage dusplay note function.
but when a mechanic inspected & plugged it back in, the car would start.
woukd we Simply say that this part just needs replacing, or is it a bit more complexed than that?
thsnks all.

89 Coupe:

If there is a problem with the fuel sender unit some diagnosing with a multi-meter would be a good start, some resistance checks to make sure the sender is working as it should.
The low pressure sounds concerning and likely to be the cause of the no start fault when plugged in, is there enough supply voltage to the fuel pump? Or rather any more information around 'low pressure fuel sender'

Maybe best to get the vehicle scanned yourself and start from there. Rather than going off what previous owner has mentioned.


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