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Need help finding Mk1 floor pan(s)


Hello all from a very occasional poster.  I've embarked on a Mk1 Golf rebuild from a more or less basket case, mostly OK, but Ive had the body media blasted and its clear I will need a new RH floorpan.  Anybody have any idea how to get one?  Ive tried my usual source, VW Heritage in the UK, but its obviously triggered some sort of size limit and there's a large/heavy fee of ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. So not a starter - an option is to just get the quarter repair panel for the driver, via Youpost, thats a bit better at NZD 300 odd. I also need some door mirrors and a carpet set. Everything else is refurbishable, i think. Anybody have any ideas? thanks in advance! -tony

...there is a mk1 golf cabriolet being broken on TradeMe at the mo, I'd imagine they are the same floorpan? Might need to check, but better than a thousand quid!!

...the carpet is obviously not the same!

Link for the cabriolet listing on trademe?


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