MK7 Gti Coolant Leak

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Hi all ,

My 2015 MK7 Gti has been leaking coolant for a month now and have since topped it twice and as of yesterday leak has gotten pretty severe so much so reservoir is empty and have been advised to not drive.

Have gotten in touch with EuroLab for a diagnostic and am hoping (fingers toes crossed) that its not the pump/thermostat which seems to be common with the 7`s.

Has anyone encountered this problem before and how was it remedied? Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


Hey mate,

I got a mk7 gti which is at about 135km. I've owned for 4 years now and water pump had to be replaced and then the plastic flange that attaches to the head to sort the leak out.

Contact Lee at Eurospec in Wairau, he does these for a very good price but you should be able to claim your mechanical insurance if you purchased that.

You are right, its very common and almost every single MQB will experience coolant leaks as they age.

All the best

Thanks Louie.

Mine has only done 80K so not sure if its the same as yours though if the diagnostics indicates as such will get in touch with Lee. Warranty had lapsed as was looking at trading it in for MK8 in the coming weeks talk about timing  :-\.

I wonder if a dealer would be willing to accept trade in with fault?

Once again thank you.

Unfortunately some have been failing at 5000km, some at 120km. They are all poorly designed and will fail regardless of age and mileage. The guys over in the US have seen them fail months after buying the car new

Yes that seems to be the case across most blogs.

Besides that has your MK7 had other issues considering the mileage?

Wonder what design flaws may show up in the MK8 considering the cost cutting they had to do post emission debacle.


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