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What socket do i need to remove seats?



Not sure if it is a Torx or a triple square. Have googled without any definative help.

Could someone let me know as I am fitting a leather interior soon and will need to buy the sockets.

Need sizes for front seats, Rear seat bolt in the boot and the center console arm rest.

Thanks very much for any help.

The Red Warrior:
Canít remember off hand the size, but definitely triple square for the front seats. I think a 12 from memory.
Armrest will be a Torx 20. Dunno what tools you have or where you are but you may as well get a set of Torx keys and you can buy individual triple square sockets from places like Sulco.
As for rear seats, Iíve never removed them so unsure.

The Red Warrior:
Also, having a universal for the rear bolts of the front seats makes things easier too


Bought a Triple Square set from Trade me at a reasonable price, will try TORX for the other two as I have quite a few.

Just need the rain to stop so I can get stuck in :-)


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