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Re: Almost there!!
« Reply #15 on: December 17, 2006, 09:24:43 pm »
Good work there Peter.
She will look fabulous when she's finished.
Seems a bit odd that fellow using a Scooby box which is renowned for being weak when the Audi box's especially the 016 (from the Ur) is bullet proof and can handle massive torque.
Being cheap and having parts available might seem good now, but he'll be stripping it every five minutes, plus it could cost you a stage if it poo's it's pants, so it will cost more in the long run.
Personally I would be using the Torsen box with Audi running gear, harder to obtain but boy is it up to the task. And it's all mechanical, built like a tank with no electronic this or that to fizz out half way into a stage.
Remember, first you have to finish, before you can finish first.