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Re: Now the 100 has been sold....
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2006, 05:06:50 am »
Hi orggti... Yes, shorten the three bolts or better, turn them into studs so the plate can drop over them with the insert located into the lower pulley. I never got around to that... Have three M8 nuts might to hand too to pop on once the plate aligns. The idea is to use a big socket on the bolt you want to undo to turn the engine over enough (sparkplugs are all out) so the plate long bolt end (and standoff) lines up with a hole in the block at around 11 oclock position... it's usually the upper alternator mount and i remove the long bolt that there) in relation to the inserts 3 bolts... Some place i have a picture, i'll try to find.

The front strutt tool: This one fits the 100, (the 80s are a smaller retainer, so won't fit). LEAVE THE CAR ON THE GROUND and CHOCK its wheels. ie no need to jack it up because its own weight is being used to compress the strutt springs. In the engine bay, mark the location of upper suspension top-plates to bodywork/ 3 studs so when it goes back the wheel alignment is not way off. Undo the central nut of the shaftend of the shock cartridge.  Undo the 3 nuts and remove the whole plate, do not lose any washers.

It will probably pay to remove the bonnet for clearance reasons (not a biggy but mark it on the hinges).... The tool now drops down over the shock shaft, (larger braised-on nut uppermost). You will probablly need to 'jiggle things' and rock the shock shaft but the small end-hex should locate itself into the cupped threaded cartridge retainer quite obviously and satisfyingly. Undo the whole rig, using a large spanner on the upper braised-on nut. Withdraw the complete contraption, tool, retainer and cartridge. The tool will let you tighten the new cartridge retainer of course.

DON'T MOVE THE STEERING or the CAR with the top plates off because the wheel alignment will go right off.

Hope this helps...


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Re: Now the 100 has been sold....
« Reply #16 on: November 30, 2006, 07:34:05 am »
Kind of helps thanks. You must still need to undo the big coller holding the strut insert onto the strut through the springs tho dont you?


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Re: Now the 100 has been sold....
« Reply #17 on: December 02, 2006, 10:41:08 am »
No because this is what this tool is for.... on a 100. It fits into the shock cartridge retainer that threads into the top of the strut.

The car's weight is compressing the strut spring and once you have undone the three nuts holding the Upper Strut Mounting Plate and the large nut on the end of the shock cartridge SHAFT and removed it, you can see all the way clear down to the top of the cartridge retainer. When i did the cartridges on mine they were so totally shagged, both shafts dropped right down into the cartridge!

Make 100% sure you mark the Upper Strut Mounting Plate position or you completely louse up wheel alignment...

I still have the ENTIRE service manual for the 100 series car. I bought it on CDROM from the USA but it was a once-load and since my comp had a rebuild they will not provide another activation code! (USD$100 down the drain....)

Lucky though that when it WAS working i extracted ALL the .pdf files. You just have to go looking for the subject yourself using Explore etc, not the smarts that used to manage them for an easier approach.

It details EVERYTHING from original microfiche repair manuals. (Want to do a trans rebuild? This is what you need)....

So if you'd like (this version) servicemanual for the 100series,  let me know Orggti not that i am promoting any violation of copywrite...

Cheers Pete.