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What car do you have?


Modifications and plans?

Photos as well.

John Stone:
Hey, someones gotta be first;

1986 NZ new WR ur quattro, Tornado red with Graphite leather. I'm the 4th private owner, bought from the guy who had it from 2 years old and 25k miles to when I bought it at 155k with a "recon" engine - yeah right, and since then have poured the family fortune into it  ;)
Had it about 5 years, I think, or maybe it's 6? 
The engine is standard, however it has several special parts, the last Audi turbo elbow hose left for sale anywhere in the world, one of the last 4 brake bias proportioning valves left anywhere in the world as well as many new parts from end to end :o
It has the later MB twin pot calipers, Red Stuff pads all round and Znoelli 12 slot rotors.
The suspension/subframe/sway bar bushes have all been replaced and are a mix of Audi and Superpro eurathane, with the correct Bilsteins.
Biggest plan right now is to get the engine delivering the right amount of fuel under boost -I've been chasing this problem for far to long and some clever people are stumped, the only part I haven't been able to test is the metering head, although I do have the testing procedure so should get on with it!

1985 WR Zermatt Silver delivered new in Oman and bought here by a Kiwi.
Its a left hooker of course which has benefits in better clutch systems access, no ABS (less to go wrong!) It's bog standard with 148Kilometers on clock. My main goal is to keep it going. At the moment it"s going well the only minor problem being warm starts. Have to grind away for 10 sec or so. Not really a problem. Goes in this month to get the supermarket type dents knocked out and paint touched up. Next project is bushes and CV joint boots.

Hey all.
1987 NZ new WR, Alpine White, Grey Leather, Air Con, ABS, I'm the 5th private owner, Had her 6 1/2 years, Now 101k, I have driven 14k of those.
Standard engine, King Dragon air filter, EBC front grooved and dimpled rotors with Green Stuff pads, Standard G60 twin pot calipers, Bridgestone Potenza GIII tyres, I have a set of quattro GmbH alloy sub frame bushes but yet to fit them, All bushes on at the mo are OEM, Plan to keep it that way save sub frame, All my epoxy/carbon items (Radiator shrouds top and bottom, PAS pulley cover, Cam belt cover, Door entry guards)
Plans are to get the under side looking tip top as I have done the engine bay, New dampers plus all the usual up keep.
If I knew how to post a pic below 100kb without it going all grainy I would, but everytime I resize it to that size it looks crap.

It only has to be compressed ( JPEG'ed ) to under 100kb.


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