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80 Vert:
Well the Jetta is in for big changes, purchased a 6 speed VR6 4 motion Bora today for parts. My Jetta will be converted to 4 motion to handle the 400 odd HP that it will have from the stage 3 VF supercharger. I'm doing an R32 front for it but still using the Jetta headlights and bonnet so in other words I will be making a bumper for it using the Golf R32 bumper and the Jetta grille/headlight section. There's side skirts too but these need to be modified also to fit the 4 door Jetta body.
The nice thing about the Bora parts car is that it has electric leather Recaro's so I think that i'll be using those too.
Its probably going to take the best part of the winter to do considering that its going to be converted to RHD at the same time.
Spoke to the LTNZ engineer about it today and since it has an LVV plate already the conversion will be no problem.
trying to decide wether to use the lower mileage Bora engine or stick with what I have already since I know Dicardo serviced it every 5000mls with synthetic oil

Sounds great John!

Look forward to hearing how this project comes along :)

Awesome. I love the idea of supercharged VR6s, such a wicked sound.
I'm currently talking my Dad into a stage 1 supercharger for his Mk3 VR6... ;D

Keep us updated vert1, should make for good reading!

80 Vert:
If you are supercharging then talk to VF engineering, I was there in Dec and was really impressed with their shop and expertese. The Jetta has had the stage 1 setup on it now for about 35-40K miles with complete reliability.
Just drove the car to Napier at easter and its realy given me a  new respect for it with the way it runs on the open road, I mean 6th gear up hills and passing just awesome!
It just pulls like mad in every gear and just seems to keep on going, the rate of accelleration doesn't realy let up until 120mph so it will be very interesting to see what double this HP does.

Awesome project John! Having been in the Bora I can vouch for the super smooth power curve and the torque is very impressive. It will be awesome with double the power and traction  8)


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