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RS6 quotes hall of fame
« on: June 07, 2007, 11:37:55 am »
Found this 'best of' RS6 quotes from a few years ago. Some are quite funny.
It's longish so read them with a good beer next time you have 10 minutes.

“Ease the throttle to the floor and, from 2000 rpm, you are into Ferrari 360 territory. (...) Point it at a corner and it just goes round. (...) The RS6 manages to be surprisingly adjustable. Throw it into a tight third – or second-gear corner on a trailing throttle, or with a dab of brakes, and the tail end shows willing and swings right round, calling for a healthy dose of opposite lock and a touch of power from the softly responding throttle.” (Top Gear, 6.2002)

„ In an Audi RS6 Germany seems a pretty small place. This car demolishes distance, scooting across the map as if the cartographers got their scales all wrong.” (Car, 7.2002)

“From the outside it sounds like the super-concentrated American V8 of a Le Mans Corvette racer. (...) Using just third and fourth and the engine’s Galactic spread of torque is a phenomenally effective way to travel for what it seems like just a handful of revs….Such is the low-to-mid-range pulling power of the Audi’s partially Le Mans racer-derived lump, it’s doubtful if it even needs kickdown.” (evo, 10.2002)

“Bloody hell it’s quick, too, even compared with today’s so-called supercars. And its real ace is that all this horsepower is so accessible. Just how it escaped from Ingolstadt in this form amazes me – the guy doing the final emission/noise tests must have gone off for a pee at the wrong moment for this beast to escape and be legally let loose on our unsuspecting road network.” (evo, 11.2002)

“There’s a point at which the brain is incapable of computing different focal lengths. Those lucky enough to have driven a grand prix car or superbike talk of the horizon coming towards them not in a seamless waft but in chunks, as the eye attempts to make sense of the bizarre change of dimensions. The Audi RS6 may not quite tear those same holes in the space-time continuum but it comes damned close.” (Car, 12.2002)

“That V8 transmits such force through its all-wheel drive powertrain that it makes you wonder whether it’s safe to have the kids in the back. As one wog put it, “The Labrador would have been minced through the wire dog screen by now”. (...) Aside from that inter-stellar acceleration there is grip like you can’t believe, a neutral stance mid-corner that breeds confidence, a pleasingly fast five-speed autobox and weighty, precise steering reminiscent of a Porsche 911.”  (Car, 12.2002)

“The Quattro system is coming into its own, finding grip where there really shouldn’t be any; serious abuse is needed to get the traction light illuminated. Coming back from the Cayenne launch, it was shocking how much faster the RS6 felt after the Cayenne Turbo a few hours earlier.” (evo, 1.2003)

„Initially, it’s not so much the performance of its twin-turbo V8 that impresses but the fact that it has the traction to use every last ounce of the 450 HP that it delivers, almost all the time... The RS6 never feels anything less than ballistic on part throttle. (...) There is something otherworldly about how quickly this car reels in the horizon. I’ve driven a few cars with ‘telepathic’ steering; this is the first I can remember as having telepathic overtaking; think it and you are already there.” (evo, 2.2003)

“The RS6 is hilarious. Firstly, there is no way the V8 passes Euro nanny-state drive-by noise regs. It’s proof positive that German bureaucrats are susceptible to bribes. Despite the two turbos in the way, the big engine simply bellows a melodic thunder as the torque converter gets busy converting that torque into forward motion.  Secondly, with the ESP switched off, this big, comfy estate will scrabble its way out of tight corners with none of the frustrating understeer that dogs RS4, S3 etc.” (evo, 2.2003)

“Contrary to popular belief, the Germans do indeed have a sense of humour. Those rascals at Audi appear to have installed a small nuclear reactor under the RS6’s bonnet.” (evo, 2.2003)

“Proof the German sense of humour. Insane, effortless acceleration, incredible roadholding and a speed limiter that Audi promises is there but no-one’s actually discovered yet.” (Car, 4.2003)

“Put the RS6 on a back road with lots of fast sweepers and it is very, very hard to catch. (...) Flat cornering, plus Super Glue adhesion, plus beautifully weighted steering, plus abundant power, plus monster brakes make the RS6 a supremely composed performer at high speeds. (...) Bulldog grip, unflappable composure, devastating punch: a super sports sedan that redefines the class.” (Car and Driver, 5.2003)

“Apparently one of the reasons for buying an Audi RS6 is so that you can be stealthy and understated.  Understated? On the evidence of three weeks with the Audi I'd beg to differ. 
So many people know what it is! I've been stopped in the street and questioned exhaustively, given a test drive to my estate agent who followed me into the drive after 'seeing the car around'. I've even been snapped by a mobile phone camera from another car. (...) The halo, hype and aura built around this car is a phenomenon. This Audi has 'A' list celebrity. It seems to be up there with, say, Ferrari or Lamborghini, but folk appear to be comfortable about approaching you to ask questions. Audi drivers must seem like 'nice' people, I guess. (...) It's a stroke of marketing genius as far as I'm concerned. Audi claims to have taken the subtle approach, but has added enough visual tell-tales (big front grilles, fat arches) that you can't help but know that this is the 'real deal' version of the A6.  Clever.” (evo, 8.2003)

“Nothing prepares you for the violent way the torque wrenches the Audi away from the standstill. Then there is the unforgettably ballistic punch of the first dose of boost, and the incredible wall of sound generated by that trick exhaust. It’s loud enough to bring people out of nearby houses to see what’s going on (it happened, really, during our test). The quality of the noise is pure Nascar and nothing like any turbo car I’ve ever experienced.” (MTM Audi RS6, 536 HP, evo 8.2003)

“The Audi is all posture and shoulders. Thick-necked, hard-skinned and chunkier than Frankenstein’s nuts. Stand back and you can see that Quattro DNA: wide-tracked, fat-tyred, cotton-bobbin’d wheels. If you’ve got motoring in your soul, you’ll be getting goose bumps right now. (...) Quattro: all-weather hell-for-leather. Think Quattro and you think of that indomitability; those throbbing engines; Stig, Hannu and Michele. Quattro is a mythology, Quattro is security. If you were going to put your life in the hands of any drivetrain engineers you’d put it in the hands of the eggheads of Ingolstadt.” (Car, 1.2004)

“Yes, the RS6 would simply eat the AMG Mercedes across a damp moorland road. We all know the grip advantages of four-wheel drive, but what you also get is confidence. (...) If you’re ever privileged enough to drive an Audi RS6 it’ll be the most capable car in any driving conditions you’ve ever experienced. It never get jittery and you can always have total faith in it. An there’s that solid, oiled precision about the way the Quattro system transmits power to the tarmac – as if you’re sitting on top of four chunky roller bearings and the road is a mere conveyor belt underneath. (...) The Audi is the greater communicator too (...). This ain’t no Caterham, but the steering is nicely weighted and there’s dialogue going on between your bum and the road. In contrast, the Mercedes E55 is dead. (...) In terms of driving ability, the Audi is much more consistent, easier to work. You fix your speed and keep to it. The Quattro system bonds you with the road – the Mercedes fights it.” (Car, 1.2004)

„A massive part of the RS6’s appeal is in the way it wears it performance on its sleeve. From the moment that twin-turbo V8 engine grumbles into life it leaves its occupants in no doubt what this car is all about. The slightly lumpy ride (courtesy of lowered suspension and massive tyres) also tells you this car means business. And although it wears only a couple of discreet badges, everyone can spot an RS6 from a thousand paces. The RS6 might not beat the E55 against the clock but it always feels quicker and will win any traffic light grand prix thanks to its four-wheel drive and instant grunt. So what if the Merc’s quicker from 120-140 mph? I’d rather have a car that can use all of its explosive power overtaking a dawdling lorry, like I have to every day. The E55 Estate is a fantastic car but the RS6 is an even better one. The Audi is the Real Deal, something special, something classy and characterful. Mercedes keeps getting close to greatness but never quite close enough”. (evo, 1.2004)

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