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S3 Whirring noise
« on: August 27, 2007, 04:05:50 pm »
i posted a thread a while ago about a noise from the back of my S3.  im pretty sure that was tyre pressure as it went away.  i had a service a couple of weeks ago, and shortly after when driving back from Up north, noticed the noise back, this time, quite loud and much more like a mechanical whirring coming from the back left wheel but only when i come off the accelerator not at all when under load.  i have taken it back and talked to Hans at Giltrap, he drove it for a couple of days, checked and re-changed the Haldex oil, disconnected the Haldex but it was still there (he is waiting for another S3 to compare it to) i thought it might be something to do with the handbrake as when i put on the noise kind of goes away.  has anyone else heard such a noise? it is odd that it is only when the engine is not under load?