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Brought her home tonight. Tomorrow's going to be a big clean-up to see what I've got.


My two co-drivers. They insisted I keep two hands on the wheel "as it was an old car and wasn't as safe as a new one"....too much lecturing on my part about the Anglia's quirks.

Good to see you choose light weight co-pilots!
2 heads is better than one.

Welcome to the MK1 arena.

car Looks good and tidy :)

Good you got the correct fuel cap they are quite rare. Check your filler neck for rust.


--- Quote from: BB on September 08, 2007, 11:38:34 am ---Good you got the correct fuel cap they are quite rare. Check your filler neck for rust.

--- End quote ---

Didn't see anything but the black 'flat' paint/coating used on the rear trunk lid. Frustrating thing is I need three keys to use all the locks.

Shocks and/or springs are tired, perhaps both, as it bottoms out easily. Will start with new inserts and go from there. Unless anyone has some used suspension in good nick sitting around? ;D

I need several small items, and I guess the seats are a lost cause in terms of finding new material. I really like the fabric, but it's nowhere close to the original vibrant colors, and the drivers seat is just about done in. Door window rubbers look to need replacement, and perhaps being gentle with the rest will save me the hassle and cost of replacement.

Transmission shifting is getting sloppier the longer I drive it, and it occasionally doesn't turn off. Will spend some more time on her and see what else I dig up.

 The Trans will be just a bush in the linkage.
 Id get some new springs and shocks if its bottoming out the springs will be rooted.


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