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Possibly a repost, but it's good.
Rob, when I owned it, occasionally I had the same problem with it not starting.
I discovered eventually it was because the dip stick wasn't pushed in properly, once this was done I never had the same problem again
its a wild guess, but it worked for me
Do you remember which options you changed in VCDS? I'm looking at doing the same with my GTI.
I've been plagued by the same horn issues for a few years in the mk2.

Will have to look into it now I've seen this.
Looks identical under my steering wheel.
A4 - S4 - RS 4 - A5 - S5 - RS 5 / Re: B5 RS4 roll call
« Last post by KA2S4 on Today at 05:25:36 pm »
Are you in the Ponsonby/ Grey Lynn area J (KA2S4)?
I see a silver and also a black B5 RS4 from time to time near me (on Richmond Road)

Nope, I'm on the mainland...
Rob, we have had a similar issues over the years with a couple of our Mk1 GTI’s, both times it was the Hall sender.
that's the one.

big power but dim witted.

didn't see him arrive in a car, but they were walking towards what looked like a KIA Soul as they left, no roof racks so it might have been the EV version
i nearly forgot too.
got a text from a mate on friday to come out to practice.
another friend was running the pitlane tent for three hondas.

talked to a car club guy who was admiring my yellow regie.
he owned a 2015 astra vxr parked a few meters away.


Ive always wanted to try one of those Astra VXR's.
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