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Went to town yesterday to test drive a few different models with my wife. While the Mk2’s were very nice I couldn’t justify the extra costs especially with no 4wd available with models tested. Pretty much decided on a Mk1 3.2l Quattro with very low kms. They are nice cars and the size & shape suit being a daily driver for my wife. Still have to finalise deal but most likely pick up in next couple weeks.

Great choice J, definitely worth getting quattro, as nice as the MK2 is, the quattro makes all the difference, and you'll love the 3.2 !!!. Highly recommend the Tampa mode if  you have a spare $300 and know a good exhaust shop....the VR6 engine sounds sooo nice with it.

RE: initial servicing, unless you have proof via service records make sure you get a DSG filter and fluid change plus Haldex fluid change as well...good insurance against failure...
Mk5 Golf - Jetta - Eos / Re: Edition 30 for sale
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10 years in the sun without getting washed will wreck pretty much any paint job.
Makes you wonder of bout the service history though. If the outside is neglected, then I'd worry about the state of the mechanical side.
Great colour, looks in decent condition.
After a bit of polishing.  The pinstripe needs removing and re-doing and there is a bit of a dent

It was my fault. So annoyed with myself!.
I have an awkward uphill 90 degree turn in the drive to get into my garage and I have to go in at an angle. I misjudged it and as it was dark I couldn't see properly in the side mirror that it was about to make contact with the door frame.
Oh, no...........what happened there?
An incident has occurred ;-(

nice! about time you got to this project.  ;)
Yes! Another vert build.
Sadly I can't see pics either.
Should work now?
I can see them but......
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