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80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: Goodbye RR URQ
« Last post by FFS on Today at 12:46:24 am »
What's the '86 white ones history Al? Is it one we know of on VASK, or sprung up from somewhere else?
Really Errrrrrno? I know you're tight with Glidn and like to promote him where ever you can
but there's a lot of other great tuners out there and one of them is Superior tuning.
Sorry if you didn't like my post but that's life.
Touareg - Tiguan / Re: 2008 Tiguan Owners Manual
« Last post by filly007 on March 21, 2018, 09:00:08 pm »
I contacted Miles Continental yesterday - they are going to get back to me..... I will chase it up tomorrow, thanks for the reminder.
Mk5 Golf - Jetta - Eos / Re: Mk5 Golf GTI: EVAP Emission Control Sys - error
« Last post by hrrrrsn on March 21, 2018, 08:59:51 pm »
Hi there.  Just an experience I had with our MK5 golf.  Had Evap fault code come up also and had dealer diagnose. Told we had to replace valve, canister etc.  after doing so still same code.  After my careful investigation turns out wire to control valve plug had break in it and was throwing up same code.  Replaced plug and no issue since

What dealer was this? Just had my CEL light up and VCDS scan pop this code. Wasn't going to bother much with it since it's due for a service in a few weeks anyway.
is that the 16v slant 4 that was used in the Jensen Healey?

That was the Lotus engine, undeveloped at that point and paved the way for Jensens' demise; later used in the Lotus Elite (1974 edition)
Touareg - Tiguan / Re: 2008 Tiguan Owners Manual
« Last post by the phantom on March 21, 2018, 08:44:16 pm »
have you asked a dealer?  they often have them available for other models
is that the 16v slant 4 that was used in the Jensen Healey?
Touareg - Tiguan / 2008 Tiguan Owners Manual
« Last post by filly007 on March 21, 2018, 08:40:22 pm »
Hi team,

Proud new VW convert, I purchased a 2008 Tiguan this week.
It's an import so struggling a bit without a manual - does anybody know where i might source one? I've scoured all the places i could think of i.e. Trade Me, many google searches. Any suggestions welcomed.

Also can anyone confirm for me if there is any possible way to convert the factory stereo RNS 510 to English from Japanese, at the moment i am stuck on frequencies below 90 (a band expander will fix this) and all other functionality seems redundant here in NZ in it's current state. Hoping to avoid the cost of a replacement unit, but if it is the only option.... again all suggestions welcome.

Thanks :)
Nothing at the moment, health and finances a bit poorly of late  :( , but do have plans  8).

BTW, that was the designation for the engines they developed for Vauxhall, the (c)20XE, which was rather successful in the BTCC and WTCC Championships.
Mk6 Golf - Jetta - Scirocco - Beetle / Re: Rattle on warm start up mk6 gti
« Last post by thomas.dq on March 21, 2018, 06:19:27 pm »
Could be the wastegate actuator rattling. Mine did the same, but also on deceleration. 

Volkswagen make a small clip which you can use to stop the rattle.

Part number 06J 145 220A - contact for a quote as they have very good pricing!
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