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Title: Mk5 2.0T FSI Wagen
Post by: Pristle on September 27, 2020, 09:24:27 pm
Now that I've covered 10k since buying the car in March, and with the weather improving recently, a requirement when you don't have a garage, I decided to do the standard service routine. 1500km before I bought her, the previous owner spent some dosh getting cam belt, all fluid etc done, so I've not been in a rush.

Started last weekend with the air filter. What a curious setup. I fully understand why there are so many options to delete in favour of a pod setup. Definitely be looking at options in the coming months.

This weekend I did the oil, flush, filter. Possibly the cleanest and easiest I've ever contended with. First time I've never had to contort myself or singe a body part working on a motor at temp. Was really worried I might have missed a step.

With that having gone so well, I decided to have a crack at doing a simplified version of an intake valve clean. While I used the CRC product, their instructions don't make sense with a turbo and intercooler in play. So I used the method from Roh Echt ( ( for access to the intake. That is, I removed the air temp sensor from the intake manifold, made a seal using self-fusing silicone and went to town. She coughed and spluttered until the can was empty. While she was a little rough heading down the road after this process (perhaps just as well, I wasn't wearing the right specs), she settled down and is definitely much smoother and doesn't feel so under load. It was during this run I discovered that while I can wind her up in gear, there's a 4krpm limiter when in neutral. Even when rolling.

The non simplified version would be the whole nine yards as explained at Pelican Parts ( ( Next time. I'll need an intake gasket, and many hours of patience.

Next task will be the HPFP cam follower. Any tips or things I need to look out for?

Title: Re: Mk5 2.0T FSI Wagen
Post by: breakfastdude on September 28, 2020, 12:11:08 pm
Replacing the hpfp cam follower is pretty straightforward, and I think the only thing to look out for is not to overtighten the torx bolts as they can strip the aluminum head. It's 10Nm from the top of my head.

How many kms has your car done? My intake valves probably needs some good cleaning too, but the CRC intake cleaner might do bugger all as I've got 179k and it hasn't had a clean ever.
Title: Re: Mk5 2.0T FSI Wagen
Post by: Pristle on September 29, 2020, 11:56:34 am
She's got 112,xxx on the odo. Definitely quieter and smoother.

Have cam follower kit (incl o-ring and bolts) on order.

Will likely tick off the diverter too when I do this, seems I have the 'C' version.