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Mk5 Golf - Jetta - Eos / Re: Audio upgrade
« Last post by McDoof on Today at 09:21:12 am »
Very nice. So much neater than mine. I'm more about functionality. Those Morel speakers look the business.
Technical Stuff / Re: Does anyone have VCDS in Hamilton or Auckland?
« Last post by Naekyr on Today at 08:47:08 am »
ooh I thinky I might wanty this too

mk6 gti, if its possible - how much to make it happen glidn?
80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: How many Urquattros in New Zealand?
« Last post by RobClubley on October 23, 2017, 09:54:34 pm »
You all know about mine :)

8 ) Project Rusty. Almost back on the road. 1985 Montego Black WR, UK new and imported to NZ in 1995. Has had 7 owners in NZ, been damaged and repaired at least once.  Parked in a paddock in Tauranga from 2005 for about 7 years then in a shed for another 3-4 years.
Technical Stuff / Re: Does anyone have VCDS in Hamilton or Auckland?
« Last post by GLIDN on October 23, 2017, 09:23:40 pm »
I'm in Auckland and can assist.
just letting you know needle sweep is not possible on all mk6/scirocco clusters.
80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: How many Urquattros in New Zealand?
« Last post by FFS on October 23, 2017, 09:15:32 pm »
On the subject of how many ur quattros in NZ, there are some others I recall from along the way and which may still be kicking around somewhere. I'll list them below, and someone else may be able to shed some more light on them. In fact maybe we could list all the cars we know of, and a bit about them if anyone's keen, and see what sort of list we end up with. Worthwhile or no? I'll start one off anyway listing the ones I have learnt a bit about, plus my own cars. I'll leave the mainstream known urq's to be included by their current owners if they wish to. Feel free to add to it.

1) A light bronze RR purchased by Rex Archer from a car dealer on The Strand in Parnell, Auckland, around 1998. I don't know the colour exact, I never saw it but I corresponded with him at the time. Is he Rex who took his black urq overseas? Is it the same car repainted perhaps?

2) The blue 10v alloy-blocked WR which featured in NZ Classic car. Is that the car which member Blue10v converted to 20v?

3) A black urq owned (and occasionally raced by) Tubbs Wanigasekera here in NZ back in the 1990's. He put it in storage to preserve it and instead then raced a Subaru Legacy. - He went on to drive in BTCC in Britain then to manage Aaron Slight in it, and also managed Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher in Porsche GT3 Cup challenge, - something it appears the both of them are still involved. (As if that's not enough, along the way Wanigasekera started a chain of successful coffee houses in the UK.)

4) My first urq, an 83 Mars Red WR. NJ1444. I sold it about 2000 through a car dealer in Auckland. Deregistered in 2004, the person who bought it ruined it and left it sitting under a tree. It was subsequently purchased by a car wrecker for a worthwhile low sum and who, as at 2010/11, was refurbishing it.

5) Glen and Craig Hughes Mars Red WR, occasionally rallyed. NQ3549. I spoke with Craig years ago, and the car was in need of some parts then, and was off the road in Christchurch. There is a record on the internet of the car retiring from a 2007 rally due to mechanical failure. Nik knew the original owner/importer (UR Mad) by the sound of an earlier thread.

6) My daughters Lago WR, at home under cover. TX8639. Imported from UK in 1996, deregistered in 2000. Complete and drives, is awaiting refurbishment (rust issues). Imported and fitted a replacement digital dash from the UK recently, the car had none when I bought it.

7) My pearl MB. NS2146. Manufactured late 87, imported from UK and registered in NZ on 11th Jan 1988.
80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: Build thread - Rob's Audi UR Quattro
« Last post by RobClubley on October 23, 2017, 08:52:55 pm »
Haven't had a lot of time to work on Rusty this weekend but it's back on its wheels with working steering. Plus I picked up this little gadget as the battery seems to be draining itself far too quickly. Might be a worn out battery or something draining it, not sure yet. You can Bluetootth to it from a phone to monitor battery charge.

General Discussion / Re: Station Wagon recommendations?
« Last post by 89 Coupe on October 23, 2017, 07:50:38 pm »
Technical Stuff / Does anyone have VCDS in Hamilton or Auckland?
« Last post by DanZ on October 23, 2017, 06:56:42 pm »
Hi everyone

Does anyone have VCDS that would be willing to help? i just want to do needle sweep on my Scirocco.

I'm not expecting this to be free

Thanks in advance :)

80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: Brake Issue
« Last post by GlenT on October 23, 2017, 03:55:03 pm »
Hi All,

I'm hoping someone has the answer here. I've recently finished rebuilding my 85 UR Coupe after a few years of rebuilding. I have one issue I could seem to sort. My brakes.

When I press on the brake pedal the brake goes down to the floor, it does brake however its right at the bottom of the pedal. I've bleed the system several times and there is no air in the system. If I pump the pedal it still doesn't come up, if it was air it would pump up.

My suspicion is that it is the hydraulic pressure accumulator has failed, has anyone one got any ideas what else it might be or a way to fix it


Hi John,

Have you established if it is actually the accumulator?
Start the engine and let it run for a minute to allow sufficient hydraulic pressure to build.
Then, turn the engine off and count the number of presses you get before the pedal goes hard.
If it's less than 10 then the accumulator is on it's way out. 11-30 is considered normal.

Regards,   Glen
80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: How many Urquattros in New Zealand?
« Last post by slowburn on October 23, 2017, 03:36:39 pm »
yeah,i was wondering about that too martyn,long time no post? how you doing man?
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