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Technical Stuff / Re: 1.8T Oil Level Sensor Testing?
« Last post by robh on Today at 08:56:25 am »
Hey John, so the bonnet sensor is normally wired into the CCM from what I can tell on wiring diagrams?

Looks like a basic 2 wire micro switch, does it close the circuit when bonnet is shut?  If so I could just run a wire from ground to correct pin on CCM to simulate?

Technical Stuff / Re: 1.8T Oil Level Sensor Testing?
« Last post by robh on Today at 07:47:17 am »
Oh, that's interesting, I've read many posts about bonnet switch related issues, but didn't think that would cause "Open or Short to Plus" type of error.

I'll dig deeper....
Technical Stuff / Re: 1.8T Oil Level Sensor Testing?
« Last post by 80 Vert on January 23, 2020, 10:12:14 pm »
It appears that if the bonnet switch is missing / not working this poses a problem for the oil sensor.
Mk1 Golf - Jetta - Scirocco / Installing aftermarket seats
« Last post by bugn8r on January 23, 2020, 06:57:12 pm »
Hey guys,

Picked up some SAAS seats recently and wanted to chuck them in the Mk1. Any ideas/Mk1 universal bases stashed away?

I thought there'd be more options out there.

Have seen Neil made his own but unfortunately can't weld!
A6 - S6 - RS 6 - A7 - S7 - RS 7 / Brake Pads need fitting- Help Please.
« Last post by JackSprat on January 22, 2020, 01:07:50 pm »
Hi There,

I purchased front and rear brake pad sets (Genuine Audi) from UK for my RS6 2014. I just rang an Audi approved service centre and they said they don't fit supplied parts.

Any suggestions for an Auckland based euro servicing specialist that will accept supplied parts for fitment?

Any help would be great.

Technical Stuff / Re: Help with Stereo install?
« Last post by Gordo on January 22, 2020, 05:50:28 am »
It is a bit of a mess, looking at standards, options and features.

What I would suggest as a starting point is figuring out what you actually want, what you don't need, and what doesn't matter to you either way.
Then sort out what actually meets your requirements - the 7" installation fitting is rather important, not something to dismiss. Other things may be the interfaces for your mobile devices, power outputs to the speakers/amps, separate sub'out, etc.

Exactly what vehicle are you looking to put it into - if the speakers aren't up to it, you may see little gain, if any, and that's where it's often a good idea to start?
Technical Stuff / Re: Help with Stereo install?
« Last post by Dusty36 on January 22, 2020, 02:56:48 am »
Thank you for the above.

I have already bought a replacement stereo surround to suit the smaller RCD510 (and dynavin obv) shape unit, am hoping this arrives within a week, left Czech Rep last week.

Damn, was hoping that it would not be that much of an issue. If all else fails, I guess I have the option of bypassing the internal amp, however, the signal wires to the amp are a fairly light gauge wire, not sure how much real world difference this will make...

Might see if I can find a wiring diagram for the amp and see what is involved.

Appreciate all feedback, and if anyone has any other suggestions (particularly if they know of a way to activate factory amp) that would be very much welcomed.

Thanks again

@h|tman did you manage to sort it out? Would you recommend that head unit?

Sorry for being off-topic. I'm looking for a good stereo and can't make my mind up which one is the best.

There are so many aftermarket stereos that it's hard to find a good one. Many of them have one digit difference in their name. Anyways I've been reading reviews on the nets and they are all hype. Most of them downplay the negatives and hype features like 7" as if it would be that important. I've found a different blog. The thing I liked about this post is that it says it how it is. No sugar coating no BS. Even so there are ten or more head units on the site. How to pick the right one?

Any tips?
General Discussion / Re: Bentley/Volkswagen dvd for nav wanted
« Last post by Alittletuningco on January 21, 2020, 11:14:13 am »
For which system?
Technical Stuff / Re: 1.8T Oil Level Sensor Testing?
« Last post by robh on January 21, 2020, 08:25:22 am »
Yes I've done that previously but I'd like to get it working to log temp.
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