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General Discussion / Re: YouTube gems........
« Last post by the phantom on Today at 11:09:40 am »
AUDI coupe runs up the Goodwood hillclimb

Other Audi / Re: Audi A1 2011 Japanese Imported DIS (Driver Information System)
« Last post by Daz42 on August 03, 2020, 07:31:13 pm »
Ok, great news. For someone else trying to get this working I found the answer. This applies to all Japanese Imported Audi A1 cars from 2011 and possibly to current.

By default the DIS (Driver Information System) may only give you the Car Computer and Navigation by pressing the left and right keys on the multifunction steering wheel.

If you want to enable Radio and Telephone display and controls you need to enable the 'Green Menu' - plenty of information our there on how to do that on a 3GP MMI.

Go into the 'Green Menu' and navigate to: /diagnose/coding/kombi

Untick / clear all of the boxes (so they show a hollow green box):

High Kombi
Audi (Off)
Telephone (Off)
Navigation (Off)

Reboot your MMI (Tone/Large Selector Dial/Top Right Selector Button) and turn your car off - remove the key from the ignition for 15 seconds. When you put your key back in turn it to position 2 or start your car. The left and right button will now show the Computer/Navigation/Radio/Telephone and you can manage them from the steering wheel. I hope this helps someone, all too often people post questions like this but never come back and document the answer. Enjoy.
Mk4 Golf - Bora - New Beetle / Re: Headlight Wiring Diagram
« Last post by the phantom on August 03, 2020, 01:27:21 pm »
it was some time ago when I put incandescents with  foglamps into my MK4, but SH prices varied quite a bit on T-M, I think the pair I got were around $180

depending on where you are you could always check out the wreckers
Mk4 Golf - Bora - New Beetle / Looking for Xenon headlight assembly MK4 Golf
« Last post by lloydcmp on August 03, 2020, 12:35:18 pm »
Hi everyone,

My headlight adjusters are broken on my HID/Xenon MK4 Golf headlights. Does anyone have any second hand ones for sale or know where i can get some?

I have just bought the car, and not sure what is best option. I think I have three;

1 - Try and find new HID Xenon assemblies (struggling to find any)
2 - Try and get them repaired (not sure if possible)
3 - Get the car re-wired back to fit factory halogen headlights (not sure how much this will cost)

Anyone with more knowledge able to help me with the best option?

Thanks in advance.
Mk4 Golf - Bora - New Beetle / Re: Headlight Wiring Diagram
« Last post by lloydcmp on August 03, 2020, 12:30:14 pm »
Hey I have the same problem. The aim adjusters are broken on the Xenon HID headlights. Does anyone know of anywhere that you can buy new xenon headlights?

I have looked everywhere with no luck so far. I am guessing I may have to get it re-wired back to factory. Does anyone know how long this would take and a rough cost for parts and labour?

Thanks for your help!
Mk2 Golf - Jetta - Corrado / Re: Projekt Golf Zwei
« Last post by le mans on August 02, 2020, 06:56:56 pm »
Looks awesome John.
Mk2 Golf - Jetta - Corrado / Re: Projekt Golf Zwei
« Last post by 80 Vert on August 02, 2020, 10:20:11 am »
Being fairly useable now I was driving it most days running errands and what ever else came up, strong smell of fuel at times I found the fuel return to the tank in the engine bay didn't even have a hose clip on it. How this thing managed to pass a modified vehicle cert is beyond me but of course these things could have changed post cert. who knows.

Talking to GTIVR6 one day he mentioned having an early VR6 / Corrado steering wheel which I thought would look cool. It had seen plenty of action and the leather was worn through on top but that would make a nice side project and besides I've always wanted to have a go at doing a steering wheel.
Cut the old cover off and separated all the pieces to use as a pattern. My upholsterer mate laughed when I told him what I was doing but he was on board to help with scrap pieces of leather and to sew them together for me. Leather is pretty tough so you really need an industrial machine.

Watched a few videos and one suggested using a sewing machine to pierce the holes for sewing the cover around the wheel, this actually worked brilliantly and made the cross stitch miles easier to do. Kind of chose the wrong type of stitch as it took forever, as in 8-10 hours  ;D
I didn't get the pattern perfect but hey its my first go at it so I'll improve on the next one.

The easy part done I could start on the cross stitch, bought some curved needles for the job which worked well........just took forever.
Looks like I've picked one of the harder stitches to do, 2 needle cross stitch. Having to go back through the same hole twice in order to make the X but I did it, looks cool.
Feeling pretty jazzed at this point, thinking this will actually all work.

A3 - S3 - RS 3 - TT - TTS - TT RS / Re: Audi s3 nav
« Last post by daniel53 on August 01, 2020, 07:54:53 pm »
What can we replace this with to retain all current functions?
Did you sort this?
A3 - S3 - RS 3 - TT - TTS - TT RS / Re: Anyone after RS3 WHEELS
« Last post by daniel53 on August 01, 2020, 07:36:23 pm »
Hi i have a 8p with rs3 wheels

Looking to trade, Im open to stock wheels

Catch is my wheels need two new tyres so im after rims with 4 good tyres

Where are you located ?
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