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Mk2 Golf - Jetta - Corrado / Re: Projekt Golf Zwei
« Last post by 80 Vert on Today at 09:57:04 am »
On wards with the interior, both front floors were super solid but did have surface rust starting and the bitumen sound insulation was cracking and falling apart. Now was the right time to take all of it off, treat the rust and apply new material.
Heat gun and scraper worked wonders, passenger floor was the worst compared to the driver floor which still wore most of its factory primer.
Wire wheeled the minimal rust and treated it with Brunox, once dry new sheets of Bostik tar board went down heated and pressed in to all the recesses of the floor panel.
Rear floors were in great shape so I decided to just leave them alone, before and after.

Time to start thinking about the front end and bumper. New / used grille restored and inside of the lights cleaned a nice easy job.
The bumper not so much, obviously had fog lights as the switch and wiring was there but no lights. Bought some Ebay re pop lights which are very average in quality but do the job for now. At some stage I'd like to find some originals somewhere.
The bumper, well that was a complete mess. Every single clip and tab holding the steel reinforce to the cover was broken. Crudely screwed together with some self tappers and wood screws. Some real geniuses have worked on this poor car.
This turned in to a 2 day job to straighten out the reinforcement bar and make new brackets to attach the cover so that it fits tightly together and to the body again.
Ideally it needs a new bumper but little chance of finding a nice one here, let me know if anyone has something.
Looking at it now you'd never know how poked it was.

Using the factory Mk6 airbox I wanted to retain the oem plastic intake pipe as well but due to placement being slightly different the 2 would not meet. Looked at joining 2 pipes together but that didn't really work out.
In the end just a simple extension machined from some intercooler piping did the trick nicely.
80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: Build thread - Rob's Audi UR Quattro
« Last post by brian on January 16, 2021, 02:53:44 pm »
That's looking a whole lot tidier under the bonnet that when you first got the car
80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: Build thread - Rob's Audi UR Quattro
« Last post by RobClubley on January 16, 2021, 01:45:59 pm »
Quattro and cat butt.

80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: Build thread - Rob's Audi UR Quattro
« Last post by RobClubley on January 16, 2021, 01:43:31 pm »
Changed the rocker cover gasket. I wasn't sure if it was leaking or not, or if it was related to my boost issue but I had a spare and it's a quick job.
No difference to the drive.

Out at the shops.

New garage for Rusty after a house move. Not so much space around the car when parked but there is a workshop space next door for, er, activities?
Car parts and tool storage?

Morning coffee..

Still dailying the quattro after 10 weeks waiting for the Merc to be fixed. It's more practical than you might think!

Mk2 Golf - Jetta - Corrado / Re: Projekt Golf Zwei
« Last post by rambo_005 on January 16, 2021, 12:27:50 am »
That's so cool 8)
A3 - S3 - RS 3 - TT - TTS - TT RS / Audi A3 - ABS Control Unit issue
« Last post by 1Audi on January 15, 2021, 11:52:37 pm »
Hi all,

I have a 2009 Audi A3. Recently I had a couple of lights come on the dashboard warning - first is an issue with the brakes as well as the ESP light as well. A VAG-COM scan indicated that there was an "intermittent" electrical fault with the ABS system. The code can be cleared, but will come back at a random time later (does not come back immediately, but intemitternt).Took it to mechnics to check out, they noted was a fault within the ABS control unit. They had suggested replacing the whole unit, which was quite pricey!

I am now at a crossroad as to what to do next. I had been considering upgrading vehicles - so if I was to fix, I would probably not hold onto the car for much longer.

In my mind, option 1 is to fix the fault and then sell the car in a fully functional / no issue condition. This requires upfront repair cost which would reduce the amount I would receive net.
Option 2 is to sell the car as is. The issue here would be that a sale will require a recent WOF, and I am doubtful an ABS fault light would pass a WOF - so may need to revert to option 1 from a legality perspective.

Two question I would have is:
1) whether anyone has experience with this sort of ABS issue and what sort of price range they got for repairs. I understand there are refurbished options as alterantive to the original/new units that I had been quoted on. Is this worth exploring - and if so, who would do it?
2) Is option 2 even an option here, or is there an option to sell the car in current condition (i.e. below market value, factoring in the fault).

Keen to hear any ideas you may have. I do appreciate any assistance anyone can provide here!

80 - 90 - Coupe - quattro - S2 - RS 2 / Re: GT Coupe Quattro's in NZ
« Last post by Audi do on January 15, 2021, 10:46:31 pm »
Hes a VASKer.
Hmmm, could use parts too, headlights, tail lights, grill, engine bay parts, windows......
Mk2 Golf - Jetta - Corrado / Re: Projekt Golf Zwei
« Last post by 80 Vert on January 15, 2021, 09:09:13 pm »
Johnnytron you absolute legend, contacted me out of the blue to say he'd found the original owners books and wallet for the Mk2 from when he used to own it. Nice to reunite these with the car after a 10 year absence.
Thanks bud, appreciate it.
General Discussion / Re: The Official Spotted Thread
« Last post by brian on January 15, 2021, 08:15:51 pm »
Haha and they used 3 doors for all the promo pics yet had no intention of actually ever importing 3 doors.

It's a shame that the importers bring in what they want rather than what the customers would like.
The buyer ends up with second best as they have no alternative without resorting to a lot of trouble, wasting time and money in the process.
Mk7 Golf / Re: Edition 40
« Last post by JaseNZ on January 15, 2021, 07:06:11 pm »
0-100 in 6 seconds? That seems slow for an R?

That would be just some copy and paste bollocks they would do for all of them I would say.
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