Audi 200

Started by Phil17b, August 17, 2020, 08:53:03 PM

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That could be a tough one. When Tim was trying to get all the parts together for his abandoned 200tq project, it was the most elusive add-on he encountered. We never found a working one.

Our old neighbour who used to service these cars for the big wigs at NZ Post Office back in the day said that the blower unit would fail and the whole unit would be removed and scrapped.



Highland Quattro appear to have a couple for WR urquattro on Ebay. They should fit but you could email him and check. Looks like he has one new aftermarket one at ?150 which will need minor adaptation, and also has a genuine used one ?90 which has had a repair.


What exactly you looking for ?

got a pic ?
Beating up parking wardens ain't a crime.



Finished clearing out the storage unit yesterday. I am sitting with two 200tq radiators, one is a refurbed original and the other is a full copper unit that in from the US.


Crazy eh, we still got enough bits to rebuilt any 100 / 200 ...........  :laugh:


How easy is to take that part off ? 

CHiP will probably still be on the verge till Monday.
Beating up parking wardens ain't a crime.

URS4 Avant

That is amazing, what a stunning car.