urs4 at turners

Started by tjsmada, October 29, 2019, 08:59:38 AM

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Tempting....anyone here know this one?

And it's got UFOs on the front :)

le mans

Has anyone been to check it out?


I plan on bidding on it. I?m up in Auckland so will be bidding site un seen.


For all those who are interested in this machine

I have viewed and driven this vehicle this afternoon.  I was curious and was considering bidding.  Here is my $0.05

Looks better in photos.  Body is straight with only a couple of supermarket dents, but paint is tired.  Clear coat is still intact, but significantly scratched.  Boot looks like it has been polished with sandpaper, roof also scuffed.  A serious detail would make a big difference, but for someone wanting this as a respectable daily it would need paint.  Interior is dirty, but all there and consistent.  A serious detail and a replacement gear knob would have the inside pretty good.

Oil pressure gauge not working.  Thermostat stuck open.  Has a tired DV or a boost leak.  Took a lot of cranking to start.  Boost control hoses have been disconnected and clamped so assume N75 system has been made redundant.  AC was not blowing cold. 

1st gear has a loud whine.  Control arms/bushes twisted and knocked on low speed turning.  Clutch felt OK, but had a bit of travel to take up drive.  Suspension felt good on low speed bumps and humps.  Brakes are obviously UFO and worked well.  Tyres all Bridgestone with good life left.

Hope this helps those that are thinking about bidding.  FYI I am not going to bid, so please consider this as non biased. 

le mans

That?s hugely useful, thanks. Suspected it might have needed some work. It should go pretty cheap but sounds like it needs some serious investment to be presentable and useable and not just get pushed into the back of a barn. Still, could be a good project for someone handy.


Yeah I would say that if you could buy for $2-$3k and spend another $4-$5k then it would be a great machine.  However, probably worth more for its drive train than as a running vehicle.

le mans

Forgot to check in on the auction. Selling price? New owner on here?