Another one - urs6 on trademe

Started by tjsmada, March 12, 2021, 02:50:49 PM

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A lot of bidding on it, really interested to see what it goes for


Tidy condition but the spoiler is ugly (IMO).

Maybe I missed it but I didn't spot the mileage in the advert.. I would be wary of oil consumption on a high mileage vehicle but I wish I had wheels still in that kind of condition, very tidy.

Tail lights in great condition and do not appear to be cracked, from the photos.

The head liner is drooping, that's $450 to fix here in Auckland or you can staple it up like I did recently..

The top radiator hose has been cut and repaired. The new coolant reservoir always makes the engine bay look tidy compared to the old "yellowed" one but is very easy to replace with new coolant to make it look nice.

The radiator looks original and there is a mark on the radiator near the front left plastic side tank you can see in the photo. If it is leaking then that is where they leak (from my own experience). The OEM radiator was $800 about 10 years ago probably NLA now. But you can get a Nissens radiator for the manual currently US$69! (WTF)

No record of cambelt being done on the service history but that only goes to 2004.. I would be wary of the crank pulley cog needing to be replaced. You must get a new crank bolt (NLA) when you do the timing belt and a new pulley, but there is a BWM bolt you can use. The cambelt is a big job not to be done by a monkey mechanic with an impact wrench. You will need a 3/4 inch drive torque wrench.

MTM stage 1 is 260 hp with the original 2.5 bar MAP sensor or stage 1+ 280 hp with a 3 bar map sensor, so I read. I guess you could contact continental to find out if they still hold the records on it.

The fuel hose after the fuel filter looks original, these are prone to leaking due to degradation of the rubber compound due to heat from the turbo, there was a factory recall in the US due to the fuel hoses leaking. If you want to test if it is leaking simply push on the hose near the clamped connection and as the fuel is under pressure it will spray out if there is a leak, obviously do not do this with a hot exhaust. Replace it anyway.. the local hose shop will do.

There are some after market screws and large washers above the front left headlight adjustment in the photo which shouldn't be there.

Overall the engine bay looks to be in original condition and pretty tidy with few obvious leaks (from the photos). Things to check by eye are the steering rack boot, serpentine belt for cracks, it is reasonably easy to remove the timing belt cover, power steering hoses should be looked at for leaks, power steering fluid level, the power steering fluid should be green anything else will be catastrophic.

Things to be aware of is the condition of the coolant hoses, if the coolant hoses still have the OEM style clamped on style hose clamps then you will likely need to replace some hoses, the turbo coolant hose under the intake manifold especially as it becomes very soft.

Suspension soft? Just replace the shocks with koni yellows and your are good to go. Do not bother replacing any of the bushes as you will never get anything better or longer lasting than the factory rubber bushes which are extremely high quality and better than any aftermarket products this has been proven from many overseas owners experience.

Other than that this is simply the greatest car for todays money that you will ever own.

le mans

Great write up. I?m also not keen on the spoiler. Are they easy to remove?


Personally i think the spoiler looks great. The sedans always looked naked on the rear. The avants always looked better over all

le mans

It probably looks better in the flesh.

le mans

I had a quick look over this car today. Feel free to PM me if you?re planning to bid and can?t view it yourself.


Oh that is lovely. I would definitely be keen if I had any money at all!
The URQ is bankrupting me :D
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It sold for $16,100. The prices for many 80s and now 90s cars are climbing like houses.
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Quote from: Danm on March 26, 2021, 10:09:25 AM
It sold for $16,100. The prices for many 80s and now 90s cars are climbing like houses.

suddenly makes my urq worth $70K

thanks Labour for printing all that fake money and throwing it to the masses, and in a perverse way, thanks COVID, too

If I wasn't such a hoarder this would be a time to think about parting with treasures like 240Z, Mk1 GTI and Lancia Monte Carlo, but nooooooooo

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