B8 A4 - Possible to change radio region?

Started by coons, May 26, 2021, 06:11:28 PM

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2014 A4 - Jap import.

Is it possible to change the radio frequency band/region from Jap to EU using VCDS? It's easy on Golf's and A3's, I've never tried an A4 and can't seem to see a region option in the long coding.

Googling it seems to give mixed answers, I can't get a definite answer on if it's possible or if it requires some hardware changes.



Doing similar research at the moment as well (2009 B8 - Jap Import). For the MMI version I have, sounds like an easy fix by swapping out the radio unit in the boot. Not sure if you?d have component protection issues in doing so though.
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Hi guys,

Not possible to resolve the radio problem via VCDS, you need a replacement radio module.

I have done this on my own car, and happen to have a couple spare. Message me if you guys are keen to purchase, I can walk you through replacement too.

I'm in Auckland FYI.