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Started by ticey, September 02, 2009, 09:38:09 PM

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I've got a 2000 A6 Avant with the Navi unit, TV etc.  It's a Jap import so of course most of the buttons don;t make much sense.  After much searching on the web i found nothing that could help with translation - so i did it myself (well got a mates girlfriend to do it).
I would attach the screen images and translation - but it's too big a file.  Sorry.  Email me if you want a copy.  Hope it is of help to others.

Has anyone been able to hook an Ipod up to this unit and got the video to play from the Ipod through the TV?  Not interested in FM modulator - i want to hard wire and keep the original unit.

Also, does anyone have the original Sat Nav CD?  I know it won't work in NZ but i have a feeling it may help with my Ipod install.



Hi there - I'm a new member with a 2002 A6 Allroad (just bought).  It's ex-Japan so would really appreciate a copy of your translation for the Radio!

Also any ideas about whether possible to switch to a NZ (European) 2 din Hi Fi.  Don't need Sat Nav so just decent Hi Fi without all the beeps and Japanese writing!!

How DO you turn those beeps of????


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Hi Nick
I sent an email to your Ihug account.


Hi Rob,

I'd be keen to get a copy of the translation too if poss?



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You'll need vagcom I suspect, to stop it beeping, etc, etc and you could probably change the language from Japanese to English (on the screen of course not the physical buttons!)

Apart from that, I don't know as I'm unfamiliar with anything younger than 1990 :D
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Could I have a copy of that translation please.  I am trying to get it all working properly, also I am missing the 6cd changer magazine, anyone know what model/make it is without me having to take out to look at the back.


Another me too.. just acquired a 2002 allroad quattro, and would be interested in getting a translation of the radio displays.

If I find any way of reprogramming this unit, I will report back here.


Unfortunately the Jap Nav units cannot be reprogrammed to work here and there is no compatible map DVD for NZ either.  If you want somethnig better than a band expander plugin for the radio and the existing CDplayer/stacker you'll have to replace the head unit with something aftermarket.
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Hi all
First post in this group and second Audi
With regard to the Ipod installation I've just fitted the Dension Gateway 500 to my A6 2005 mmi2 (Jap) took about an hour and cost around $500NZ off Ebay. Only issue I'm having is with the bluetooth phone optional BTA 1500. It appears I will have to loop out the factory unit. Which require seat removal to access unit
The radio issue rather than replace the headunit you can replace the k-box in the boot. Just got a unit out of the UK for $200NZ will let you know how the installation goes.
Japanese Nav unit is not compatable with the global system. Strange but true the japanese use a different freq for the GPS receiver. So you may be able to replace the nav unit but I image it will be costly and involve using a Vagcom to authourise the unit to the car.


Update. UK radio fitted and working. Now have NZ freq and text. Dension unit working but had to update MMI to euro version and remove the factory phone unit... Heads up its under the armrest in the jap imports not the left hand floor. Phone book imported from HTC sensation and can answer and dial from MMI system. Still need to play with mic and speaker settings ***9 ###13 produces some echo. There is some discussion that the jap radio can be updated to receive a wider range but not alot of detail.
If anyone has a setup using BTA1500 can you share your mic speaker settings


Hi. I know this post is really old but this might be of use to owners of models with 2G MMI systems. Same success story as PAULC with getting radio to work. I have an 07 Allroad out of Japan and of course could only get a couple of radio stations. After being told it would cost $750 to get it to work in NZ I went on Ebay UK and bought a used tuner from a 2008 Allroad for 100 pounds. I fitted it and turned on the radio and bingo! all working normally, all the frequencies as you would expect with the names of the stations and Song names displaying.
I would like to somehow make contact with PAULC to learn about further conversions of parts of the MMI system to be useful in NZ. Is anyone able to match us up?
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Hi there Rob-I know this thread is old...but I would be stoked if you still have that Japanese translation for the Audi Navi system -I have a 1999 A6 Quattro-Jap import.
Much appreciated