1,000,000km, one owner 911 Turbo

Started by RS ZWEI, January 03, 2016, 10:19:36 PM

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Yes it is.

Validates Porsche as the worlds finest supercar daily drive.


 :P yeah 146,000km per engine is some sort of achievement  :-X

"Bill rocked the original 3.0L Turbo Carrera engine, rebuilt it after 10 years, then drove it hard another 10 years. The car got a repaint at that time. The 3.0L was retired and shelved, made way for a 3.3L. Moderate upgrades along the way including a Garretson 3.0L intercooler, headers and a bigger turbo. Many years later it's time for another rebuild. Two bad engine builds later, he locates a shop in his native Canada that does a decent job rebuilding it and converting to EFI"


I made it either five or three (if you don't count the unsatisfactory ones) rebuilds and that would mean averages of at least 200k kms or 333k kms between them.
These are my thoughts and opinions - sometimes I'm wrong, but not often ;-)


i was wondering about k12's maths too...


let's see a ferrari rack up that sort of mileage...