Porsche PCM 4.0 Apple CarPlay & Android Auto USB Remote Activation (Contactless)

Started by Auto Retrofit, November 13, 2020, 10:33:17 PM

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Auto Retrofit

Activate the Original Porsche PCM 4.0 Smartphone interface

This is a software solution via USB Flasher to Activate Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto for Porsche VW Audi Skoda Seat HU infotainment system. When you placed the order we will book the time with you to remotely make the activation of CarPlay and Android Auto via USB port. MIB-II was after 25.05.2015. If you?re unsure which system you have, please email us a picture of your system for verification.

Below are the cars models to be supported:

Porsche PCM4.0

? Cayman

? 718 Boxster

? Porsche 991

? Macan

? Cayenne

All Vehicle with PCM 4.0 fitted