Go karting

Started by Pristle, July 31, 2023, 02:00:04 PM

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Anyone go go karting over the weekend? Maybe Hampton Downs.... Missing a tyre?

I found it. It was rolling down the centre of the right lane of the north bound off ramp to Mt Wellington highway at around 6:20pm. With an Altezza on my left, armco on the left and a ute bearing down on me, I was unable to avoid it and I went straight over the top of it. Causing damage to the lower grille and the loss of some trim. Glad is was just the tyre and they're so soft. Could've been much worse.

Gave the ute on my backside a scare, the way he swerved was reckless as was the swerve of the car behind him.

Anyone wrecking a Campanella white MkV Golf 2.0 TSI or R32? I need a couple of bits.