98......Gull phasing it out?

Started by Pristle, February 29, 2024, 12:51:36 PM

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It's been a subject on Mike Hosking in the morning, but something I had noticed. Where I've bypassed a BP or Mobil in favour of headin a few km more to a Gull, only to find only 91 and 95 available.

Using the Gaspy app has also shown a number of Gull sites that no long stock 98. Is this because of Marsden? Economic issue? Or the push back against an ethanol boosted fuel?


The reasoning i heard they gave is the 98 isn't as popular as the 95. Back to the monopoly of BP/Mobil we go
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Won't be to do with Marsden Point as point as that's not where Gull get their fuel from. I believe they get theirs from Tauranga port


All the Gull's in South Auckland are still doing 98. Anywhere else its non existent.
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From Gull:
Hi Paul, thanks for your message and your feedback. I can confirm that throughout 2024 we will switch our 98 pumps to 95, this will take place across our entire network. This was a not a decision we made lightly but we can see a greater demand for our 95 product.  We did look at keeping a select few 98 pumps around but in the end this was not possible.  I hope this help answer your question but please let me know if you need anything or have any other questions.


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